Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its Never Too Early for a Countdown

I realize that it's October 11th. I'm very aware of that. It's one day till David's birthday. He'll be 32, he's old! I'm not really hyped about that, cause hello, its not my birthday. We'll have some cake and move on with our lives. I think he and I can both agree that Disneyland is more exciting than a birthday. It's 21 days till Halloween, and I do love dressing my girls up in costumes then eating their candy after they go to bed. Good times.

Those things are fine and fun. Then October will be over with. In November I always look forward to Thanksgiving. An entire day built around eating and watching TV, that's my kind of holiday. Add in the bonus that half of the food is made from pumpkin and I'm sold, cause I love any excuse to eat pumpkin. Thanksgiving is fun, but I never count down to the days till it. I'm not all excited and writing 10 days till Thanksgiving! on my calendar.

I do have a countdown posted on my calendar though. An eagerly anticipated event that will occur in 55 days. 55 days isn't too early for a countdown, especially since its been there since 65 days and I've been counting down for even longer. My countdown leads to another trip to Disneyland. Yes, you read that correctly. I really have a problem, I just can't stop going to Disneyland. I guess its not really a problem for me, just with other people who are insanely jealous over the frequency at which we go to Disneyland.

We did just go to Disneyland in February. I didn't forget. But there are two main distinctions between these two trips: when you go in December they have awesome Christmas decorations and Santa & his reindeer and a Christmas parade and Christmas lights, and also Ava is not 18 months anymore, she is 2. I cannot explain the difference between taking an 18 month old to Disneyland and taking a 2 year old, who will almost be 2 1/2 by then. I cannot explain it to anyone who hasn't done both and lived to tell the tale.

The difference is like night & day. That almost year since our last trip has given Ava a little more time to grow up. She no longer sits in a high chair, she sits at the table with us. She is now willing to ride in the stroller. She looks at the camera and smiles. She will hold my hand and walk nicely next to me instead of running around like a crazy person. Those are all very big distinctions. Another one I can only hope she has made is not throwing up in the car after crying cause she wants out of her carseat and is mad. The smell of Funyun puke will forever be burned into my brain.

Yes, we are going on yet another vacation. And the day before David and I are going to the Cowboys/Cardinals game in Phoenix, and hopefully the Cowboys win or I'll be driving back with a depressed husband the day before vacation. Its exciting. I'm banking on reaching my fun quota for the month of December. I'm ready to meet the Disneyland version of Santa and his reindeer, ready to see a Christmas parade. Ready to drink a few vanilla lattes and have breakfast with Minnie Mouse. Only 55 more days!


Joanna Marie said...

I went to disneyland once... with a group of like 15 people.. NO FUN. We weren't allowed to split up and had to do EVERY activity as a group. It was lame. :-P I want to go again, with my sisters or with Andy...

You are a brave soul, going with your children. :-D Christmas is probably the best time to go... sounds amazing. :-D

Also, I like your new header!

Jennifer said...

As much as I love my family I don't think I'll ever go with them as a big group again, because its so annoying to have to do everything as a group. I always feel like I'm missing out on something I wanna do while I'm doing something the group wants to do. Going with kids isn't that bad, it actually makes it that much better when you see how much fun they're having.

You should go with just Andy or your sisters, cause then you can go do whatever you want and have tons of fun. We go just our family cause then we can do whatever we want and never compromise, especially cause my dad likes to bring his own food and we like restaurants.

Joanna Marie said...

Yeah, definitely! I would like it a lot better I think if it was just with one or two other people. Being with a big group was just blah... NO. FUN. :-P

Maybe it would be easier with just one or two kids... I'm used to taking a boatload of siblings anywhere LOL... Just imagining taking my siblings sounds horrid... I love them, but it's hard to take the younger ones because they fight fight fight... :-P

But yeah, I hope you guys have lots of fun! Disneyland at Christmastime! :-D sounds super fun...


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