Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Birthday Grinch Strikes Again

Yesterday was David's birthday, so Tuesday I thought I'd get ahead of the game and make his cake. After it was done I put it into a carrier and into the fridge. Check that off my to-do list forever. Make a cake for David's 32nd birthday. I will never have to do that again. Right?

Wrong. Cause then this happened.
Cause when you have a two year old who can open the fridge, and that same two year old really likes cake, you've got a dangerous situation on your hands.
 The first cake was inedible. Reduced to crumbs. So I was forced to make a re-do birthday cake. Angel food, cause that's what David likes. Take that birthday grinch, you can't ruin the second cake, cause I put it where you can't reach it. Ha!
 I didn't have 32 candles, and that's kind of a fire hazard, so 5 candles plus some numbers worked instead. Maybe that was part of the birthday grinch's evil plan?
Then Alana sang Happy Birthday, while Ava grunted and "sang" along. Then we had spaghetti and meatballs, after the cake. Cause some people didn't want to get dirty before the picture.
Happy birthday David! Even if I had to make 2 cakes.


The Mrs. said...

Happy Birthday, David!!!!!!

I like his cake!!!!

I like the "Birthday Grinch" style. MMMMM cake!!! :)

Now I'm having a ten pm craving for cake. I think I will go snack on some chocolate chips! :)

Jennifer said...

I had a ten pm craving for something sweet too so I ended up eating some smores goldfish cookies. There weren't as good as m&ms.

Connie said...

Birthdays are so fun! Happy Bday to him!


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