Sunday, October 9, 2011

Proof That One Time I Willingly Went to a Church

Yesterday something inconceivable happened: I willingly went to a church. Not church church, where they get all preachy and pray and stuff, cause I don't do that kind of church. Like a really old historical church in Tucson called San Xavier.

Its all historical and old and stuff, and I guess its one of those places where if you live near it you should go, just to say you have. Like Tombstone. Or the Grand Canyon. You know, touristy crap where there's lots of old ladies with nametags and random men who are there by themselves with a really expensive camera and a huge lens, just taking pictures of the building for an unknown purpose. Well, the Grand Canyon is actually really cool, just cause its so pretty, but its still boring cause there's not really anything to do there but hike or ride mules and I'm not really an outdoors mule riding kind of girl.

In reality San Xavier doesn't hold a lot of meaning to me, because I'm far from religious. Its a pretty old building and all, but at the end of the day its still a church which is filled with a lot of religious people lighting candles and way too many random people with pictures. The one selling point for me is that its on an indian reservation so there are about ten booths selling fry bread, which I happen to love, because hello people its fried dough covered in honey and powdered sugar! That was the highlight of my trip actually, because that's how my mind works. Good food = who cares what else happens cause I'm full of honey and powdered sugar and fried dough.

Now, photographic proof I went to a church one time.

My cute Ava. Its like she wants my to take her picture cause she is so cute.

Husband. Ava.
I got kinda bored so I took some pictures of the buildings. That's what boredom does to me.

They act like its so bright outside. They need sunglasses like me. I'm the cool one. And the bottom pic was taken by Alana. She's my prodigy.

Actual proof I was there.

Me and the sunglasses thief.

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