Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nice and Bratty, Just the Way I Like 'Em

This lady. This lady. She has an attitude. And she knows how to use it. To her advantage. Stubborn and sweet, cute and bratty, she is my lovable and spunky two year old. This bratty attitude lady is mastering a new skill, one that frees her from the sister who speaks for her. Brace yourselves: the brat can talk.

Ava's status as a second born put her a little behind in talking, because Alana is always answering questions for her. Ava do you want a cookie? Alana says yes. Ava do you want to watch Peppa Pig? Alana says yes. Alana is Ava's lawyer, and Ava has the right to remain silent.

The past few weeks though, my lady has found her voice. She says Peppa (as is Peppa Pig), ham, cookie, tea, daddy & mommy (which she has said forever), and a handful of other words. Words that serve a purpose for her. She focuses on foods and TV, so she can always get her way, cause we know what she wants. She walks around yelling HAM! at full volume, and in Subway the other day she probably said ham no less than 30 times. Ham, ham, ham!

Ham is in the top two words, but first place has to go to NO! Not just regular no, no with an attitude. You wanna leave the playground soon? No. You wanna watch something other than Peppa Pig? No, Peppa. Are you bratty? No. All these no answers are followed by a mad face, very intimidating.

Ava's safety net for her bratty NO! is her cute mad face. Although frightening and intimidating, it is cute. Cute isn't her intention, just a side effect. NO! is cute & bratty, but Ava is serious when she says it. She has an opinion! Take her seriously! I can't help but laugh sometimes though, cause NO! is clearly not the right answer, its just the cutest one.

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