Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Think I Care Too Much

The TV love triangle is a strange thing. Something about it hooks me in. I care far too much about the outcome, and my opinion of who ends up with who is the only one that matters. No you idiot, pick him/her, you're clearly meant to be together and now you've ruined my night and its the season finale and I'm left waiting and real life isn't as interesting!

When I was 16, and Dawson's Creek was in its prime, I was very heavily invested. Don't pretend like you weren't too, because you were. I won't pretend that I didn't set the VCR to record Dawson's Creek so I could go to a basketball game but not miss my show and tivo hadn't been invented yet. I won't pretend I didn't want to slap Dawson for picking Jen when he and Joey were clearly meant to be together. I won't pretend I don't hate the way Katie Holmes talks out of the side of her mouth. I'm still glad they killed off Jen at the end, cause she was just annoying. And I'm still kind of mad that Joey and Dawson didn't end up together, cause she picked Pacey instead. Although Dawson was so self involved and way too obsessed with Steven Spielberg.

Fast forward to now, when I'm probably too old to care that much about a TV show. But that doesn't stop me. The only difference is now I have tivo, and I love modern technology for that invention especially. Now I can watch my new favorite show, Awkward, every Tuesday, and even fast forward through the commercials. Except yesterday was the season finale, and now I'm sad.

This show is about a girl named Jenna, who is in a love triangle with Jake & Matty. She should clearly pick Matty, cause that is who she actually cares about. But she doesn't, she goes with Jake, who she doesn't like nearly as much and who I don't like nearly as much. Poor Matty just stood there like a puppy who got stepped on, while she broke his heart. I was all What? Huh? NOOOO! Instead of the usual happy Oh I love this show feeling I usually have, instead I was all What the? They better fix this! 2012 better hurry up since that was the season finale and new episodes don't start till next year.

I haven't felt this way about a TV couple since The Office, when Jim told Pam he was in love with her, then they kissed, then it was the end of the season and they left it hanging. That was the last time I was like What? You like him too! Say something! Roy's a jerk! I've been addicted to The Office since then, and I was applauding loudly when Jim and Pam got married. It's TV fate.

In reality teenagers don't talk like the characters on Dawson's Creek, and if I ever met Joey Potter in person I don't think I'd like her, I just like her better than Jen. Awkward better turn out the way I want it, otherwise I'm gonna be mad. Not like, go on Facebook and rant about it like I've seen plenty of people doing on the show's wall, cause those people are just obsessive. Blogging about it is much cooler. Team Matty! At least I'll always have Jim and Pam, and they are clearly the best TV couple ever, kind of dorky but adorable soulmates.


MN @ Serenity and Style said...

ooh i was SO invested in the joey dawson pacey drama, i had not one but BOTH soundtracks to the show and used to jam out to those songs and think of how dramatic it was to be a teenager. you made my night with this post, and yeah clearly i get invested in the love triangles...even now :)

Jennifer said...

I can still hear that crappy Paula Cole song, and I always waited for the end when they'd say the music featured on this episode was...

So were you rooting for Dawson or Pacey?

Nikki Darlin' said...

OMg I love Awkward. Jenna does need to be with Matty, but he so needs to man up.
And her mom wrote that letter OMG why?


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