Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Might Call it Obsessive

I am unsure why I feel an obligation to blog. Maybe I need to record things, just cause, so that I can remember because I am getting kinda old. 29. Yikes.

I don't remember plenty of things. Like the current phone number of anyone I know. Curse you technology and your number saving abilities! But my phone number and address from when I lived in Tucson at age 10? 795-4872. 4626 East 15th Street. Those things are locked away in a steel cage in my mind, never to leave. I can't remember what it was like to hold my girls as a newborn, but I know my phone number from when I was ten.

I can't remember the exact the process that muscles use to transfer chemical energy, to be fair I should study it more but I've resigned myself to getting a B and retaking this class cause powers beyond my control have conspired against me. But, I know my recipe for chocolate chip cookies by heart. Haven't made it in a couple weeks, cause I intentionally ran out of chocolate chips, but I still know it. I can remember every. single. cheer. from high school cheerleading, but biology escapes me.

At night when I lay down to go to bed, way too late, my mind is full of awesome ideas. I should blog about this/that/that one time that something awesome happened/my funny thoughts on this subject, but in the morning, my memory has escaped me. I think the sandman stole my ideas when I fell asleep, then put them in his blog. Plagiarism from my mind! Intellectual property!

In my honeymoon phase of blogging I was on here all the time. I'd drop what I was doing and write what I was thinking. I had nothing else to do. Ava was a baby, who took lots of naps. Alana was 3, and didn't ask for cereal nearly as often. Now I'm a student, most of the year anyway.

And a referee to some pretty intense arguments of the sibling rivalry variety. Mama! Ava's not sharing your McFlurry! I had that piece of cheese first! I want to watch Bubble Guppies and Ava wants to watch Max & Ruby! Look at me! I have important things to complain about! All of the statements come from Alana, cause Ava doesn't talk. She just says yes/no and grunts/squeals in agreement.

I see my bossy childhood self in Alana, who adapts the rules of games she made up to benefit herself. If Ava is gaining some points in an imaginary made up game, suddenly the rules have changed and Alana is winning. Alana tells us all what to do, and attempts to correct me cause she knows everything. We can't pay for that soda at the photo center cause its not a register! Ava you can't eat that cause I said so! I know everything blah blah blah!

I feel somewhat accomplished in my blogging hiatus, because Ava is 85% potty trained. Actually, she should feel accomplished cause I haven't really done anything. Sometimes I'm too lazy to put her diaper back on, so she started peeing in the potty when it was off. This bottom-half nakedness led to her using the potty all day long, under one condition, bottom-half nakedness. If she is wearing clothes, like pants or underwear, they must be removed. Sometimes if she has clothes on she just won't bother. She will not get on the toilet, because its a giant scary monster that will eat her when flushed! She also will not use the potty when away from home, something I learned after she peed in her clothes twice at my in-laws house. But still, she just turned two, she knows how to use the potty and does not have to be reminded. We have gone through barely any diapers the past month and she stays dry at night. Its pretty awesome.

I think the real reason that I don't feel like blogging is my lack of pictures. My camera is in a camera coma, somewhere in Irvine, California. I had to mail it there, which I put off doing for too long. I called them every single day after it was supposed to arrive, and I'm sure by the time they finally located it they were tired of me. If they knew where it was any of the first 7 times I called I wouldn't have called them so much. Sorry snotty Canon lady who I talked to every time I called there. You mail something that you paid $700 for and then sit patiently at your house wondering if it will be back in time for you to take pictures of your daughter's 5th birthday party next week. Try it. I dare you. They finally emailed me Thursday night, a week after they received it, with vague information saying they were going to fix it and it was covered under the warranty. Thanks for too little too late. If I don't have it back before Alana's birthday I'm gonna be mad.

Maybe I'll blog again next week, after I've read three biology chapters on the nervous system, called Canon just to bother them 4 times, made 40 breakfast burritos for Alana's birthday party cause that's what she wants to eat, and looked at Facebook at least 10 times, cause its easier than blogging.

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