Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Should Probably Blog About Something

I spent my week in a haze of anatomy & physiology with my new textbook that just came Tuesday. I accidentally ordered two lab books instead of a lab book and a textbook, so my frenzy to get my book before the impending test that was scheduled Friday had me stressed. So I studied. And I studied some more. And I worked on my lab activities. Then I studied. Every once in a while I took a break to pee. Then I went to class.

Surprise! The teacher had a death in the family as a result of the hurricanes and flooding in Vermont, so we had a sub. No test, which was lucky for me. Plus, this teacher gives lectures on the test material, which the other teacher doesn't do. So I've been temporarily spared.

After my initial judgment of September as being crappy it made a little bit of a turn around. I left negative feedback on Amazon for a sociology book I bought in July cause half of the pages fell out. I barely got around to leaving feedback though cause I'm lazy. The seller, upon seeing my negative feedback, contacted me. They offered me a refund or a replacement book if I would remove my feedback, because they'd rather have a clean record than my $60. Thank goodness for good customer service, cause I needed that $60 since I had surprise textbooks to buy. I also mailed back my extra lab book so when they get it they will give me back my $90, which I'm thankful for.

I was excited this summer to get a window ac for our bedroom, cause swamp coolers just don't cut it in monsoon season. It didn't make any real impact on our July electric bill, so I wasn't expecting anything abnormal for the August bill. That's why I almost had a heart attack when I opened the bill yesterday and it was $75 more than any electric bill we've ever had at this house and I think I know a normal electric bill here since we've lived here for 7 years. Good thing Amazon still owes me money, cause that was an unexpectedly large bill. I'm glad fall is approaching and its been rainy and mild the past two days. Rainy enough to make pumpkin bread and pretend that its October.

On the camera front I wish I had good news. It keeps turning off and after contacting Canon customer service I was supposed to mail it back, but I was hesitant because that's basically mailing my most prized possession to California for a couple weeks, with no pictures in that time period. Right after I sold my old camera on Amazon. I was hoping it was a fluke and the problem would fix itself, but no such luck. I was suspicious that the battery was the issue, so I took the battery and charger to Radio Shack and the owner tested them both for me for free. He said the real issue is the charger, it isn't charging the battery. I'm apprehensive and have to send everything back to Canon so they can test it and verify that info. I don't think the charger is covered by the warranty, which is crappy, but at least the problem is probably not my camera. I would cry if it broke, even though I can get it fixed for free, minus the cost of shipping.

Overall my life right now basically consists of studying for biology, obsessing over my camera, taking a break to cook dinner cause I don't want my kids to starve (or David I guess), changing the movie when my kids request I do so, cause Dora's Christmas Carol needs watched everyday, you can never get into the Christmas spirit too early, and sleeping. And watching Awkward, cause its my new favorite show. Now look at the last pictures my camera took before it officially died for an undetermined amount of time.

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