Saturday, September 3, 2011

Note to Self: Read the Fine Print

So far September is kinda sucky. No tragedies, but kinda crap.

I was all stressed out last Friday about a lab book for biology that I didn't know I needed, so we sold some old books and video games and scraped together the money to buy it, and it got here Tuesday. I felt slightly less stressed out, but I was still waiting for my textbook I ordered two weeks before. On Thursday the box came with the textbook I ordered before class started, but guess what? It wasn't a textbook. It was the exact same lab book that I had been stressed out about, and now I had two copies.

Why did I have two copies of the lab book and no textbood? Because the ISBN (that is like a book id #) on the school's website was the one for the lab book. I thought I had ordered the textbook, but didn't pay close enough attention to the cryptic way that the book list was presented to realize that I needed two books. So then I had to borrow money, which I really hate doing and have managed to avoid until this point in my life. I wouldn't even of asked if I wasn't completely desperate. Stupid book was like $150, and last week I was all stressed out about buying the cheaper book that I already had.

Now I have two copies of a book I was all stressed out about, and no copies of a book that I thought I had already ordered, that will be here Tuesday thanks to express shipping that is delayed cause of Labor Day. And the drop deadline for the class passed the day before I realized that I still needed a book.

I can return the extra lab book for a full refund, minus the shipping, thankfully. It will be a week or so before I get my money back, but at least I'll get it back. And Amazon still owes me money for my old camera that I sold on there, but they won't pay me till the 9th. Speaking of cameras, mine was acting all crazy yesterday and kept shutting off and refusing to come back on until I put the battery in the charger for a couple of minutes. I guess it could be the battery, but the clicking noise it made each time it shut off made me think it might not be.

My camera is less than one year old, so it still has a warranty. Repair means sending it to California though, and living without it for a few weeks, which is depressing. Alana's birthday is the very beginning of October and I don't want to miss out on pics, but I guess I can't take them with a broken camera anyway. I don't have any money to ship it right now anyway, cause I have to ship my extra textbook back ASAP to get a refund. When I do ship it I'm definitely getting the insurance, cause that camera is like my third kid. I'll be worried till it gets back to me safely.

September can only get better from here, at least that's what I keep telling myself. I'll be done with biology halfway through October, then I'm just taking another writing class and those don't really require any real studying on my part. I just want September to go quickly, cause October has Alana and David's birthdays, then Halloween, and I love that time of year. The weather is so nice and perfect, and I will eat anything pumpkin flavored. Then before I know it Thanksgiving will be here, and its my favorite holiday. Tons of food, no pressure to buy everyone presents, and brisk fall weather? Yes please. Just gotta make it through September, with at least a stupid B in biology, although if I get a B I think I'm gonna retake it.

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