Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Almost Favorite Kind of Kid

Ava is asleep. She looks so peaceful. Her terrorizing is on hiatus. Her long eyelashes even more visible, her breathing slow and steady, her stinky little feet sticking up in the air. I like her like this. My house is peaceful and quiet and I can forget about how she pulls my pants almost down everytime that she wants me to get her something.

Alana is awake, but she is quiet cause Ava isn't awake for her to fight with. She is free to eat Cookie Crisp on the floor and watch Mighty B by herself while I slave over biology at the kitchen table. I have major writer's cramp and the callus on my finger just keeps growing. Curse you biology! She is also peaceful, but not as peaceful as she'd be if she were sleeping. She can still ask for stuff and call me into the living room to see a commercial for something that is totally awesome or really cool.
If my kids didn't ever rest I think I'd pull my hair out. They not only renew their energy when they're quiet and nice, they renew mine. I can look at their innocent little faces and want to squeeze their cheeks, instead of shushing them for screaming into my ear.

There is something about a sleeping kid that melts the heart. You can't help but like them. They can do no wrong and suddenly deserve to go to Disneyland every single day and on massive shopping sprees for new toys and candy and Happy Meals! I have to resist the urge not to take a picture of both of my girls every time they're asleep, cause they just look so freaking cute. I'd have like 2,000 of both of them by now, cause of their squishy little faces.

As much as I love their sleeping selves, they can't be as cute and huggable as when they're awake, but well-behaved. I'll take sleeping Ava over bratty wild screaming Ava anyday, but cute hug me and play Littlest Pet Shop with me Ava wins out over them all. Alana is nice when she's asleep, no screaming or asking to use the computer, and compared to let me play on Nick Jr dot com immediately or I may die Alana that's great, but nice Mommy you wanna color I love you five million Alana is way better.

I think I just need a good nap once in a while, even if I'm not the one sleeping.

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