Thursday, August 18, 2011


Every single day, when my kids do something cute, I think to myself That would be a good thing to blog about. I'm totally gonna write about that. It is hilarious! Everyone will crack up, cause of the hilarity of my blog and my awesome writing skills and my modesty and such. But then I don't. Cause I'm lazy. Or super busy window shopping online, so that when I go to the actual store I'm mad that they don't have as big of a selection. Why don't they have the necklace I want? What is wrong with these people?

The nature of my blogging has become sporadic at best. Once, twice, three times a week. That's all I have in me. So then I end up with these random topics all crammed into one post, because I was saving them for a rainy day or other such occasion. I also have random pictures, with no specific topic other than the cuteness of my children, with no place to call home. See above. So they end up in a spot on my blog because they deserve to be seen, not just stored on my harddrive for all eternity.

My life is pretty routine, but there are always moments when my kids do something so cute it surprises me. They have crazy personalities. I have tons of stories of all of the things that they do, so this will be the home of this week's stories. Not just this blog specifically, duh, cause that's where they end up anyways. This specific post, cause my sporadic blogging leaves me with lots of stories that don't get written down, and today is the day I tell some stories.

Pretty cool:
The best catchphrase that Alana can possibly imagine has been named. It is: Pretty cool. Pretty cool is not the description of the phrase, so much as the actual phrase. Everything that Alana thinks is awesome: Pretty cool. When food is delicious it is called: Pretty cool. Any new toy worth buying: Pretty cool. She is starting to remind me of the Miley Cyrus show on SNL. Everything is coming up roses pretty cool.

Hide and go tattletale:
Hide and go seek is played in a less traditional way in our house. The rules: The hider hides. Ava goes with them. The seeker finishes counting to ten, then Ava comes out of hiding and leads them to the hider. She screams and makes you follow her, laughing the whole time for giving away the secret. It's pretty cool.

Hopscotch champion of the world:
Tuesday Alana drew a hopscotch court with sidewalk chalk in our backroom. It was pretty cool. It consisted of about 15 squares, all drawn to the size of an infant's foot. Pretty small, but pretty cool. Ava took the hopscotch court for test drive, the way that only a two year old can. By mastering it and making it kiss the ground she walks on. She owned it. She nailed it. She is hopscotch champion, of the world, no, make that universe. She skips through it by randomly jumping up and down and then congratulating herself at the end. Words cannot accurately describe it, it is the funniest thing I've ever seen. If I had to describe it I would probably call it Pretty cool.

These bratty kids crack me up. I want to remember how small and cute they are now, so when they're teenagers, and incessantly asking to drive the car and giving me gray hairs, I will still like them some. They are definitely pretty cool.


Joanna Marie said...

Your girls are so beautiful! And Pretty cool. :-D

So sad how fast they grow up. :-(

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog


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