Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shopping Cart Karma

Pre-children Jennifer was very judgmental about people putting their shopping carts back in the designated area. I was all How lazy are you people that you can't walk an extra 20 feet to put it back to make the job of an underpaid grocery store employee a little easier?

In reality, it is kind of lazy not to put your cart back, under normal circumstances. If you're just going to the store, no kids attached or disability that prevents you from pushing your cart back to the designated area, and you don't put it back, then I'm gonna think you're lazy and kind of rude.

Post-children Jennifer, always one to contradict myself, doesn't usually put my shopping cart back in the designated area. Gasp! Past Jennifer would've judged me harshly, but current Jennifer has an excuse. Two kids.

When you take your kids to the store with you, which I kind of loathe doing, its a big enough job to keep them intact and prevent them from picking an apple out of a produce bin and eating it right there. True story. Especially when you're taking a 2 and 4 year old. I really don't know how moms with more kids take them all to the store without losing their minds. Child-free grocery shopping is my dream. Sometimes I go to the store at 6 or 7 am, before they've gotten up, just so I can shop peacefully.

So post-children Jennifer is a little more realistic. Once I have my kids loaded in the car, and then my groceries, and the car is running cause let's be real people this is AZ so if the car and ac aren't on my children's would be all sweaty, I can't take my cart back to the designated area. If I take my cart back, then I have to walk away from my ladies, in the running car, and leave them unattended. Not gonna happen. No one is stealing my ladies or my only car on my watch. So I have to leave my cart at the front of my car. Sorry cart retrievers at Benson Walmart. I wouldn't do it if it weren't necessary. I promise when my kids are bigger that I will always return my cart and make your job slightly easier.

Also: If you park in the fire lane at the grocery store, you better be an emergency response type of vehicle. None of this I'm just waiting for someone who just ran in real quick. They'll be right back. Except that they still aren't back after I've loaded all my stuff in the car and my kids and I'm leaving. They won't be back for at least five minutes, and that is plenty of time to find a legal parking space. Those red lines and no parking signs are there for a reason, rude old guy reading a magazine, because you're not supposed to park there. That area is for people with emergencies, not people with a sense of entitlement. There are plenty of parking spaces and they're not that far away.


The Mrs. said...

I fully agree... but I typically park within 3 spots of the cart return. That is my mommy spot!!!! :) I hate people that park in the emergency zone (aside from those allowed) and people that have a handicap sticker because they're fat. AND people that park in the handicap spot, and leave the handicap person in the car to run into the store.

Jennifer said...

I think you might have as many parking lot pet peeves as I do!

At my grocery store the cart return things are spaced really far apart, so if I can't park near them I really have to leave my cart. Sorry cart return guys!

Connie said...

hahaha! The PS.... SERIOUSLY. That's not cool.

The cart return is a tricky one with kids. Unless I get a spot close to one, it doesn't get there. What bugs me is the old ladies in the store who try to parent my kid who is in the "big part" of the cart where the food goes. I have my baby in the seat- where is he supposed to go? It's that or nothing since he'd run out the door and probably get lost or stolen. I'm always telling him to sit down and be careful so those ladies can let me do my job and shutty! haha. jk. Sorta (;


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