Friday, August 26, 2011

Kidney for Sale

You know how hindsight is 20/20? You don't? Well, you should. I know in theory, but apparently not in practice.

I've recently been shopping. You know, for fun stuff, like 3 cases of diapers and jackets and shoes for my kids. I'm frivolous like that. I also got a couple pairs of shoes, but that's neither here nor there. This shopping, for essential life things and such, was sponsored in part by my pell grant. It is nice to fill in the gaps and helps us get by till the next one. Also pays my tuition and buys my books. At least the ones I think I need.

Money burns a Texas-sized hole in my pocket. I had my money spent before I got it, and waited impatiently for it to be deposited into my bank account. Impatiently is probably an understatement, seriously I was checking my account online like every hour. Obsessive.

So we went to Target and Walmart and gave them all of our money for stuff that will get thrown in the trash like diapers and toilet paper. Then I had no money left. Zero. I was broke. David still had some, but his books and tuition were cheaper than mine so he started out with more. So me, no money. David, some.

It wasn't that relevant that all my money was gone because my bills were paid and my books were bought. Every book that was on the list, that I thought I needed, was paid for.

Today was my first day of my biology class. My textbook is in the mail. The only one I thought I needed. Then, a surprise. I don't care for surprises in general, but when it is an expensive surprise I'm really not a fan. Hey guess what, half of you didn't realize it because it was under a different tab labeled Recommended books, but you also have to buy a lab book that costs $128, plus tax! The cheapest one you can even find on Amazon is $90, but that doesn't include the $35 access code that you'll also need. Hahahaha.

Literally half of the class went to the bookstore during the break to buy the book. But not me. I went, but I couldn't buy it. Because I have no money. Not like, I'm destitute and can't put food on the table no money. More like, I'd have to scrape together pennies and sell my kidney if I was going to buy that book right now or else I have no gas money and such till next payday.

The class is only 8 weeks long, so the longer I wait to buy the lab book the more behind I will get. I can't drop it, because then I have to take something else and I'd have to buy the book for that, and if I don't take another class I have to pay back my tuition money and half of my financial aid money. Those options are way more expensive than just buying the book.

For now I have options. Wait till next payday, which is almost two weeks away, and use whatever money is left over after that to buy the book. Don't wanna do that, cause then I have to wait a long time. Sell my kidney, but that is also time consuming and requires surgery. My blood type is O Positive if there's any takers, though I don't know how that affects compatibility, since I'm currently taking anatomy, but don't have the stupid book.

I did list my old camera on Amazon, but someone would have to be dumb enough to buy a point and shoot camera in order for that plan to pan out. Plus Amazon takes forever to put money in the bank. Side note: Click here to go buy my camera! My seller name is Alana is the best, cause there are too many Jennifers in the world and Alana suggested that.

We'll probably take a trip to the book store, where they buy back used books and video games, and actually give pretty fair prices. Thanks Hastings!

I can probably scrape together enough to buy the dumb book pretty soon. I don't like to borrow money from people and wouldn't even ask unless I was on my death bed, so that leaves me with selling stuff and waiting for payday. If only I had saved some of my money, that I had just one week ago. Stupid hindsight.

******Post edit: Someone bought my camera the next day, which was awesome, except that Amazon takes almost 2 weeks to pay you and won't even release the funds until you ship, which you end up having to pay out of pocket. And the shipping is more expensive than they let you charge, so its kind of a rip off. I probably won't be complaing in a couple weeks though when I have an extra $50 in my bank account.

I got my book though, cause my awesome husband took a bunch of books and video games to a used book store and they bought them for $80, which almost covered the cost of the book. The teacher said I didn't need to buy the access code if I didn't want to, so I bought the book on Amazon for $90, which saved me quite a bit. Thank goodness for Amazon and people who want to buy my old stuff.

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Margarita said...

I think your camera sold cus I can't find it ! Good luck getting the book, that was the one thing I hated about school, the expensive books that I'll never read again and can't sell next year cus it'll be a new updated version.


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