Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Have Issues

When did all these toys that I played with as a kid suddenly make a comeback? Overnight my house has filled with Smurfs and My Little Ponies. Literally overnight, cause we got Smurfs in some Happy Meals yesterday and bought a six pack of ponies on sale at Walmart.

We also have our share of Strawberry Shortcakes, which also came from Happy Meals. Add to that one thousand Barbies and you have my dream childhood. My kids have far more toys than I could have ever imagined. And I get to play My Little Ponies all I want!

Yesterday was my niece's first birthday party. She is so cute and squishy I just want to bring her home with me. Or have another so that I can have another one year old, because my one year old is one week away from being two. Sad. Last year when Ava turned one I was sad because she had gotten there so quickly. One day she just started walking, and she walked right towards one and never looked back. Now she is gonna be two and I'm caught off guard again. I swear I just brought her home from the hospital. Last summer she was wearing onesies and no shoes and crawling around, now she walks everywhere, makes snake noises and actually agrees to wear shoes and have her toenails painted.

We are just having cake and ice cream for her, which makes me feel kind of guilty that we're not having some huge party, but feeding all those people takes lots of time and money. I prefer to keep them both to myself, cause last year I spent her birthday cooking and running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting ready for her party. This year, I'm making a cake and sitting on the couch with my two year old. She can hold me hostage while watching Wow Wow Wubbzy all day.

I'm down to my last week of summer school, and once I adapted to the faster pace I got pretty comfortable. Five week classes go super quick. Instead of one chapter per week like a sixteen week class, I did four. And I'm getting a high A in both classes, so that can make up for my slacking last semester. To me there is no greater compliment than being called smart. Things like appearance and photography ability are nice to get praise for, but being smart trumps them all. I want my kids to value intelligence too, because it is far more important than beauty.

Summer is winding down, but this last month of stuffy humidity is gonna be killer. I hate August. I would say to just cut it out of the year altogether, but my anniversary and a couple of birthdays are in there so it has to stick around. I'm ready for September and October, where its not too hot, not too cold, and never humid. I'm not ready for my eight week Biology class that starts at the end of August though, because who really wants to spend that much time studying anatomy and physiology. Not this girl. But I only have about four classes left to take before applying to dental hygiene school, then I just have to find something to do during the two year time period when I'm waiting to start. Not an exaggeration, the waiting list is a mile long.

In blogging issues, I've noticed a lack of comments, which might be cause no one has anything to say. It might be for another reason too, which is that blogger hates me. Recently when I've tried to comment back to people on my own blog posts, I couldn't. It sent me on this endless cycle where I was forced to sign in repeatedly and eventually gave up. I had the same problem with some other people's blogs, so I quit trying to comment on them. I had some awesome stuff to say too! Yesterday I was reading a random blog and she mentioned the same problem, and then mentioned a solution. If you go to settings, then comments, and change your comments from being at the bottom of the post to being in a pop-up box, then the issue is magically fixed. Yay! I was able to comment back to people and now I'm happy once again. Take that blogger!


The Crump Family said...

I have tried leaving comments for you and others and gave up beacause I was having the same problems! Glad you got it fixed, glad Alana is doing better!

Jennifer said...

I've tried to comment on your blog too and given up. Blogger hates me sometimes! I'm glad it is fixed now too, it was so annoying!

Majid Ali said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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