Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Explanation

Sometimes in life you find yourself at a fork in a road. Only its not a fork, its a chair. And you wonder Why the heck is there a chair in the road? So you just drive around it and question your own sanity.

There is a chair, in the middle of our driveway, in the middle of a giant mud hole. Sometimes in the evenings I like to unwind by sitting in an old chair in the middle of a mud hole in the middle of my driveway. Feel the evening breeze in my hair, watch the sunrise. You know, enjoy nature and crap from the comfort of an old chair in my driveway.

Or, there was a water main break in our driveway, which created a huge mudhole. The landlord fixed it quickly, but not before a huge mudhole was created. He didn't want anyone to drive through it right away, so he dragged this old chair from behind our house and put it right in the middle. Cause that's what anyone would do in that situation.

Its still there. I find it gives our driveway more character. Really sets our house apart from the others. Now, when I'm giving someone directions to my house I can just say Its the one with the old chair in the middle of the mud at the end of the driveway.


chocoholic said...

Oh boy! Landlords are crazy! Ours left some random huge piece of machinery setting in our yard for several months. After complianing they came, drug it to the side yard and removed part of it!

Brian and Janette said...

Oh man, I miss country folk! Gotta love those rednecks! Simplicity at it's finest right there.


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