Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You May Be Right. I May Be Crazy.

Recently the voice in my head told me this: It's a good idea to take two five week long summer classes at the same time. It won't be a ton of work. Do it. Go on. So I did. And it wasn't a good idea, it was a bad one. That involves lots of homework all due at the same time, because they're condensed versions of regular classes. Same amount of work, 1/4 the time frame. I haven't even showered in two days because I have so much homework. The voice in my head is going down for this one.

It also said Let Alana wear the lego bucket on her head while she walks around singing to her ipod. She looks cute. Ten seconds later she walked face first into a wall, then cried for ten minutes.

Sometimes it tells me cookies would be good for breakfast. Or to go ahead and give Secret Life of the American Teenager another shot, cause it could've improved since the last time I watched it. It says that finding a misplaced sippy cup with milk in it can wait till tomorrow. It often wants me to wager all of my money on Final Jeopardy, then I lose with $0. It's been known to tell me to wear jeans in summer, then my legs feel like they're on fire. Don't avert your eyes when emptying ice cube trays, none will hit your eyes. Go ahead and stand at the window staring at fighting groundhog/prairie dog creatures for ten minutes. It won't be a waste of time. Let Alana have Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song on her ipod, it's not at all inappropriate when she sings Let everything hang loose or Find a really nice girl have some really nice....I guess if a song is on a Kidz Bop CD then it's not too horrible.

There's another part of my brain that doesn't suffer from bad judgment, just lack of memory. I can't remember where I put my chapstick, and I have to have chapstick on my lips at all times. I don't know any phone numbers that belong to phones we don't own, but I know my chocolate chip cookie recipe by heart. I can still remember every word of every song in the Little Mermaid, but I forget at least one thing at the grocery store every week, even with a list.

The mind works in mysterious ways. I cannot tell you why I have trouble buying one thing that costs $50, but no trouble buying 5 things that cost $10. It's unknown why David doesn't like marshmallows but likes rice krispy treats. I'm not sure why Alana will only let me brush her hair slowly, because she says it hurts less that way. And Ava will only lick steak, not actually chew it up and eat it. As long as I remember to hug my kids everyday I may be able to keep my mind intact, but it's unknown how long I can retain my sanity.

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