Sunday, July 17, 2011

Loyalty is Expensive

I am, in general, opposed to change. Especially the kind that requires effort on my part. So when the cable company raised my bill $10 in the last couple of months, I just paid it and went about my business. I dislike paying that much for TV, but I did it anyway. I'm not even going to admit on here how much our monthly cable bill was, it's so ridiculous.

I've been a loyal customer with the same company for nine years. Always paid my bill on time. We ordered more than our share of pay-per-view boxing. Kept HBO the whole time even though it gets kinda expensive, but we wanna watch Entourage and Bill Maher so we tolerated it.

If no circumstances had changed, I would've continued to pay that astronomical price for cable. But there was an interference with potential football watching. David cannot miss a Cowboys game. That would be tragic. Because the televised games are given regional preference, sometimes the Cardinals games (boo!), are played instead of the Cowboys. There are options to view the Cowboys games, but they include going to someone else's house who gets all the games, or going to a sports bar to watch them. We chose neither, and decided to get the NFL Sunday Ticket for ourselves.

We happen to be lucky enough to cash in on a deal that Directv has, where new customers get Sunday Ticket for free, a package that includes every. single. football. game. It typically costs $350, so we're saving quite a bit. So we switched. I switched. I changed something. It's a miracle.

I'm going to continue my life under the pretense that I switched because by bundling my internet and TV I can save $50 a month, but the real honest reason was football. I could've talked the cable company down to a better price, but they don't have the football. Football has influenced another thing in my life.

When fall gets here and football starts, I'm facing nine hours of football each Sunday. David already announced plans to watch it all. Hooray.

This post makes it seem like all I've done lately is cancel my cable, but in reality I've spent six hours a day since Monday doing homework. That put me a little bit ahead of schedule, but not too far since my classes are so short.

I've done other stuff too. I promise. Like buy 72 ounces of chocolate chips at Costco, which was a bad idea. Now the voice inside my head keeps telling me to make cookies, and I usually listen.

We also took the plunge and bought a window air conditioner for our bedroom. After seven years of living with only a swamp cooler in AZ, we now have one air conditioned room. Right after my dad installed it, complete with a big piece of plywood to cover the rest of the window and make us look like rednecks, it did not get over 100 degrees here for a week. It wasn't too humid and it was cloudy, so our swamp cooler worked fine. Now part of me wants it to get super hot for a few days, to justify buying the thing.

In what should've been front-page news, I got a new lens. It's pretty huge, my camera won't fit into the case with it on. I couldn't pass up the deal that Target had on it, so I got it. We had every intention of going to the park to use it, but when we got there some crackhead guy told us he had just heard gunshots and the cops were on their way, so we detoured to my in-laws backyard. Benson is so classy sometimes.

I actually zoomed the lens out all the way, and Alana still filled the frame when she was about ten feet away from me. I'm a fan so far.
Alana really has a Rapunzel shirt for every occasion.
David is incapable of taking a picture of me jumping. We tried like ten times, but everytime I looked like an idiot.
David enjoys taking unflattering pics of me when I'm not looking.
Me and Alana

The scrunch-face is Ava's go-to face for pictures. Highlights all of her best feature.

This week I'm probably gonna spend another 30 hours doing homework, so if no one hears from me for awhile I'm not dead, I'm just recalling why I hate MLA format. 

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Hillary said...

I love the picture of you that claim to be unflattering... I think its great.

I can't take the kids to the park cause there is a predator on the loose. Well, back in the 80's he raped a 15 year old girl in the woods. He served his time and has been hanging out in wooded areas in town... SOOOOO... the cops can't do much because he isn't violating his parole, but they passed out his picture at the park and with david out of town and me with the girls i don't wanna go!

But I do love your new lens!! yay for shopping! and nfl sunday ticket!


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