Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Strongest Genetic Trait

I have passed something down to my children that is incurable sweet tooth. Hopefully they also inherited my fast metabolism.

They have spent the two days since Easter eating their candy non-stop, at an even faster pace than me, which is impressive. Despite me forcing them to consume normal food with nutritional value, the candy has reigned supreme. Even David, who usually has more willpower than the rest of us, ate all of the Almond Joy eggs on Easter. No one else got any, just him. They are his Achilles heel I guess.

I know what you're thinking. What kind of parent would let their kid eat candy all day for two days? Are you trying to make them diabetic? The answer is me, and no. I've eaten some of their candy, plus David took some of it to work, and it's practically gone.

They didn't get tons and tons of candy, mostly small toys. If it weren't for the Cookies and Cream eggs Ava probably would've lost interest much sooner. My logic, and I don't think I'm alone here, is that the sooner it's gone, the sooner they won't have any candy to eat. I could ration it out, but they'd still eat it all eventually.

To help battle the candy gluttony, I ate all of the Hershey's bunnies. Bit their little ears right off. But I stayed away from the insanely popular, at least in our house, Cookies and Cream eggs. Not a fan of white chocolate. As long as no one gets me another bag of Sour Patch watermelons I should be okay.

These guys are all now extinct in our house. They will be missed. By my sweet tooth, not my waistline or scale.

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Nicole said...

Yeah my theory is also eat it all right away and be done with it. Although my kids haven't been eating it as much as I thought, so we still have some.


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