Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Overload

The Easter Bunny may have gone overboard at our house. With several trips to Target and Walmart over the course of a month, the candy and toys piled up so high that they overflowed into a second basket for each of the girls, then a basket for David and me, to prevent us from eating the kids candy. It mostly worked.  

We colored eggs on Saturday, which Alana loved and Ava lost interest in after a little while. I was worried that one of the girls would make a big mess or spill some of the dye, but it ended up being me that spilled the orange all over the table after coloring two eggs. Good thing I bought that $1 ugly tablecloth to protect the ugly table! The next day I made all of our masterpiece Tinkerbell eggs into devilled eggs, which I kind of find depressing. We just colored those and Alana slaved over the placement of each fairy sticker, and here I was peeling them and cutting them up. At least they were delicious.

Sunday morning Ava got up an entire hour and a half before Alana, so the poor lady just kept looking at the baskets and pointing. She was determined to have candy for breakfast! When Alana finally dragged herself out of bed they went through their baskets, back to back on the couch. The Easter bunny spoiled them!

After a big breakfast, we pretty much took it easy around our house till early afternoon. Or David and the kids took it easy while I made cheddar biscuits and devilled eggs. Holidays are way more work when you're an adult!

Then we went to my dad's house, where my ladies had an egg hunt. Alana was picking up every egg in sight, but Ava just looked at them all nonchalant, and refused to pick any up for the first five minutes. Ater some coaxing from my brother Josh, she was on board with the whole egg hunt idea. Too bad Alana had already picked up most of the eggs. We cheated a little and put some back on the ground for her to pick up.

After we ate lots of ham and biscuits and the girls burned off some energy on the swing set and picking lots of flowers, we headed back home. Of course we had to stop at David's parents so my kids could get yet another basket of stuff. They are spoiled!

It was a good, and very quick holiday. I ate too much candy, but not as much as David. He has a weakness for Almond Joy eggs. Today my kids think it's their job to finish up all of their candy. They are doing a good job, but not quite there yet!

Alana is an egg coloring expert.

Ava tenderized the eggs before dying them. Alana supervised.

I spilled a whole cup of dye. Whoops.

Ava supervised David coloring eggs.

Unloading the baskets.

Ava was patiently waiting to dig in. That Easter Bunny brought so much stuff, two baskets for each kid.

Ava is on the hunt.
Alana was sharing her eggs. She probably figured she's just take them back later.
Swinging the day away.
Obligatory family pic.
She picked a flower for everyone, what a nice girl!


Darlin' Mama said...

Wow that's a lot of candy. I love holidays that have candy involved. Skylee had that same purple bucket basket from target LOL

Jennifer said...

I saw that on your blog too! Gotta love Targets cute and cheap Easter stuff! Luckily for my kids I've taken most of their candy off their hands for them, except the white chocolate eggs, they ate those quick.


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