Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Lucky Day

I'm not Irish. I do not care about or celebrate St Patrick's Day. I will not sing Oh Danny Boy. I do not eat corned beef and cabbage. I'm not wearing green. You can't pinch me through the internet.

I'm also not very lucky. I've never won a single raffle in my life. I did however, purchase a winning $10,000 lottery ticket when I had a job. Too bad it was a lottery pool and I had to share it with 20 other people. I have a theory that was my life's savings of luck and I used it all up for my share of $250.

One thing about me is lucky though. I'm lucky to have these two hot ladies. They are so cute and perfect and bratty. I did stick some green accessories on them today to prevent pinching. Alana has some green in her various necklaces and Ava has a green barrette that you can't see. I don't want anybody pinching those chubby ladies but me.

I'm also pretty lucky to have a husband who picked up the slack while I was sick for two days, and only bragged about it a little.

Also on the lucky list: Mr. James P Sullivan. aka Sulley. Every night he gets tucked in warm and cozy by a caring 4 year old.
I should also consider myself lucky that I wasn't the one forced to eat Ava's dirty toddler feet. Gross.

1 comment:

Mary Nevin said...

each picture of your girls is cuter and cuter!! hope you guys have a beautiful weekend! :)


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