Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogging from Death's Door

I may die from the stomach flu. I'm on day two and I still feel crappy. My kids have abandoned me to go to my in-laws house where someone has the energy to care for them.

I'm in my room, alone and feeling like I have to puke. I'm ready to feel better, or at least more like myself. I miss my kids.

I know I really feel like crap when my house is a huge mess and I don't even care. There is a Barbie in my fridge, I don't know how it got there and I don't care. There's also blankets on my bedroom floor, Otter Pop drippings in the kitchen and I left the bread out on the counter during my attempt at eating this morning.

Next time you hear from me hopefully my fridge will be Barbie free, I will have possibly washed my hair and I won't feel like puking everytime I blink.


Mary Nevin said...

oh no!! i hope you feel better soon and that the fridge will be barbie free asap :)

Sey said...

oppps...sorry to hear you're not well. Get better soon. I'm sure your kids missed you too. Get better or else Barbie will be frozen.

Kat Von Devious said...

I hope you get well soon, that is the worst.

NikkiDarlin' said...

Get well soon. Sounds like your really bad off and that barbie is prob really cold.


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