Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Need of a Really Big Phone Book

The highchair has been discarded in favor of the more mature act of eating at the table with everyone else. This makes me about 80% sad, because it means Ava has grown up that much more and isn't a baby anymore. But the other 20% is ecstatic, because that stupid high chair is always in the way in my cramped kitchen. I have to move it to get into the fridge, then move it to get to the washing machine, then move it back to avoid tripping over it.

The next step in toddler-dom is gonna involve buying this little lady a booster seat, because she's just not quite big enough to really see her plate when she's sitting at the table. In this age of the internet I don't even own a phone book to prop her up on. If only she hadn't learned to climb onto the kitchen chairs last week, I wouldn't be faced with this loss of babyhood.


Amber said...

She is so cute!! And it is a sad day when they give up the high chair! My little girl gave up her booster seat for a big adult chair about a year ago! She can still barely see her plate!! Kids! They just wanna grow up so fast!

Mary Nevin said...

LOL!! Too adorable!! I'm sure she just wants to catch up with her big sister :)

Darlin' Mama said...

OH we got rid of ours a few weeks ago ( okay it's still in the kitchen, But now it's more of a catch all) I was sad too. But family dinners got a little easier. Even though the family table gets a little messier now.


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