Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Fashion Tips from Alana

The latest edition of Alana's fashion tips is brought to you by this lovely, but windy, weather we're having here in AZ, when some people still have to deal with snow.

1) You can never own too many Rapunzel shirts. They pair nicely with a skirt, shorts or leggings. Rapunzel rules! Go watch Tangled!

2) It doesn't matter that its spring, you can still rock Christmas tights if you have the right amount of confidence. Go ahead and pair them with green jelly sandals. You will thank me.

3) Three headbands at a time is not only fashionable, its cutting edge. I bet you'll be seeing it on all the runways. And cat earrings really showcase how big of an animal lover you are. P.S. This is number two out of three in the Rapunzel shirt collection. I'm hoping for number four soon!

4) If your butt is in need of a fresh spring breeze, let it hang out. In the privacy of your own home of course. What better time to show some crack then when playing with your Rapunzel tower?

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she851518 said...

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