Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is My Second Favorite Season

Spring is going all out here in AZ. It started with some full on wind. Then my never watered but still thriving rose bush started looking pretty green. Soon the brown mesquite trees I see from my kitchen window will turn a shade of pale green. Then more wind. After that, more wind.

Winter is never really bitterly cold here, so maybe I don't appreciate spring as much as people in a colder climate. In fact, it kind of annoys me at first, because suddenly its 80 degrees outside and my cooler isn't on and I have to open every window in my house just to feel like I'm not dying from heat exhaustion. I blame my post-children boiling hot internal body temp.

I do appreciate things about spring. Its not too hot yet. I don't have to put socks on my kids, which means no sock matching when I do laundry. Sandals. Weekly pedicures for my ladies chubby toes. I will never love it like I love fall, but it beats August out of the park.

There are two things that are scarce in winter that make their appearance in spring. Two great and awesome things that make spring okay.

Number one:

Sundresses. These shoulders need some sun!

Number two:

Strawberries. Not just any strawberries, ripe, juicy, huge, delicious, CHEAP strawberries.

These two things make spring and all of its wind that much more bearable. 

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Nikki Darlin' said...

Oh how I love sun dresses. Makeing you and the littles dressed easy. And look totally cute!


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