Monday, March 14, 2011

Eleven Years in the Making

The year 2000 was an important one for me. I turned 18. Graduated from high school. Got a job. Not a prestigious job, but still a job. Someone has to feed all the people who are too lazy to make their own food right?

I started working at Wendy's in June of 2000 and for a while I was in pita heaven. To me, the pitas were the best thing on the menu. They were unique. They were delicious. They were semi-healthy and vegetarian friendly. I didn't eat red meat as part of some punk alternative lifestyle I had embraced at that point in my life, so they were perfect for me at a place that mostly sold hamburgers.

Then, fast food tradegy struck. The worst possible thing that Wendy's could do. They were phasing out the pita to make room for more salads. I hate salad. Even though the pitas were kind of salad, they were wrapped in warm soft carbs, which made them edible. I'm still mad.

I was devastated. I hoarded the leftover bread in my freezer so I could make my own. But when that supply ran out, I was left pita-less. Years passed. I tried every new pita bread that Walmart put out. They were never the same. They weren't soft. They were stale. They left a pita-shaped hole in me that couldn't be filled.

Till Friday. I was innocently browsing one of my favorite recipe blogs, Mel's Kitchen Cafe, when I clicked on a wrap bread link from a recipe she had posted before. I was intrigued. Could this end my pita quest? I wrote it down, bought the only ingredient I didn't have on hand, and yesterday, I made it. Its the BEST PITA BREAD EVER! Its soft. Its salty. Its delicious. I made them a second time. I've eaten two today.

Now my life is complete. The pita-shaped hole in my heart is filled.

***My fave Wendy's pita was the Chicken Caesar. Its just this yummy bread, grilled diced chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and a caesar dressing. I like Kraft Caesar Vinaigrette, because it tastes just like what Wendy's put on their pitas. Wrap it up like a soft taco and enjoy!


Amber said...

Ironic that I came across this post.... i just bought pita bread today for the first time.... probably ever. haha.
I might just have to make myself a chicken pita tomorrow for lunch.

Sey said...

I feel hungry. I agree they're really delicious.


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