Friday, February 11, 2011

Living in the Moment

Alana is a very spur of the moment kind of lady. If its not happening in the next thirty seconds, then it may as well be one thousand years away.

She does things on a whim. Just decides to bring every toy she owns into the living room and line them up on the couch, just because. Gets out all of the books from the cupboard, just to find that one special book she's looking for. Who cares if there's books all over the floor?

She prefers to do things exactly when she decides that they sound like fun. Playdoh must be played with immediately. Waiting ten minutes for something to bake in her easy bake oven seems like an eternity. Movies must be viewed right after taken from the cupboard. But picking up toys can wait till later. Wait long enough and sometimes Mommy does it instead!

This morning easy bake donuts sounded good to her. So they were made. Easy to bake, not so easy to eat. At least Alana thought they were delicious. I almost gagged from one small bite. They did smell good when they were baking though. That whole long ten minutes.

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