Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Importance of Being Ava

February 14th, 2011: an important day to be Ava. The first day of her second trip to Disneyland, but even more importantly, the day this little devil girl turns 18 months. One and a half people. I just had her yesterday.

This little girl has been ahead of herself from day one. She feels that its important to keep up with her big sister, so she has discarded all baby like toys in favor of baby dolls. Kids having kids. She wants to be on Toddler Mom. She also loves to play with Barbies and read lots of books. That's my girl.

She is so insistent on using silverware that she wants to use it for everything she eats. Not just yogurt that she steals from me, but I swear she just made me give her a spoon to eat a bowl of candy corn.

She is rocking a baby mullet. Oh yeah. Its stylish. Its cute. Its longer in the back than in the front. And I'm not cutting it anytime soon.

She loves loves loves Wow Wow Wubbzy. In case you're not familiar with him, he lives in a tree, he likes to play play play, he's got a bendy tail and he likes it that way. He's also a little ambiguous. The first few times I saw that show I was unsure of his gender. The theme song is the only thing that clarified it for me. He wears no clothes people!

She gives slobbery baby kisses and really big baby hugs. Mostly to her mommy. I'm one lucky lady.

She thinks Alana is the funniest person who ever lived. Knock knock jokes that don't make sense? Hilarious. Stupid running around and talking in a weird voice? Cracks her up everytime.

She is the sweetest most perfect baby I could ever imagine. I'm lucky to have her.

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NikkiDarlin' said...

Mine will be 18months on the 23rd. They grow way too fast!


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