Monday, February 7, 2011

This Time Next Week

In anticipation of vacation each year David and I like to play a game where we count down the days.

We started yesterday when we woke up. This time next week we'll be driving to Disneyland. This time next week we'll be in California. This time next week we'll be at our hotel.

Then right before bed we ended it for the day. This time next week we'll be really tired from driving 500 miles. This time next week we'll probably get woken up by the fireworks.

Then today we picked it up again. This time next week we'll be having breakfast with Minnie Mouse. I'm ready for some bacon and french toast, cooked by somebody else, then the dishes will be washed by somebody else too!

We'll continue for the rest of the week, getting more excited as days pass slowly and eagerly awaited events get closer and closer. I'm ready for character breakfasts, the awesome new World of Color show that we haven't seen before, Dumbo, riding the fish merry go round at least ten times, riding both Toy Story shooting rides even more, seeing beloved characters and having tons of fun with my family.

Six more days, approximately 18 times of washing the dishes and 9 loads of laundry, six more times of vacuuming my living room daily, six more dinners cooked and cleaned up by me. I also have about 5 discussion posts and 8 algebra problems to check off my list. Maybe these tasks will help time pass faster, but probably not. It will pass eventually either way.

This time next week I'll be here:

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NikkiDarlin' said...

Boo I'm so jealous. We just decided to wait until Aug until we vacation because we wanna go to the beach. I can't wait to take my daughter to Disney. Have fun. Hope your week flys by.


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