Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Island of Lost Things

I hate losing stuff. With a passion. Its so annoying to me. The fact that something I bothered to spend money on is now missing bothers me to an extent that I cannot even begin to explain.

If I can't find something of mine I will obsessively search my house for it until I find it. My mind cannot concentrate on other tasks until I find my lost belonging.

I rarely lose my stuff though. I'm organized and laundry is much different since I'm the only one in my house who wears bras and stuff.

When I lived with my parents, clothes would always get lost in the laundry. When you have three teenage girls, then three boys who frequently fold the laundry, stuff is gonna get put in the wrong spot. I would end up with a pile of folded clothes, and only half of them were mine. The pile often contained other people's underwear that was not even close to being my size. After awhile I just did my own laundry, cause I wanted all my socks back in a timely fashion. I didn't want to have to sort through my brother's drawers for my clothes.

The major thing that gets lost around our house is toys. And we have a small house. But we have lots of toys. Toys of every size, shape and color. We have Barbies and princesses, Toy Story toys like Woody and Jessie and Bullseye and Buzz Lightyear, hula-hoops, roller skates, tricycles, babies, 1000 stuffed animals, My Little Pony's and tea sets. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Toys are forever getting lost in the shuffle, and I don't know why, but it bugs the heck out of me. Toys make their way from the bedroom to the living room, getting separated from their friends and relatives along the way. They lay in piles on the floor, till I get up to put them away 14 times a day. Ava carries them around and leaves them in random places, like the bathroom or the fridge.

I'm constantly putting toys away and looking for missing pieces. Has anyone seen the circle cake? Where is the Buzz Lightyear car? Why can't I find Snow White's shoes? Where did the green and red cookie go? Does anyone know where the other Cinderella shoe is?

My quest is constantly taking me to faraway places, like under the bed, behind the chair, under the kitchen table. I find toys in my dresser drawers, under the couch, in the fridge. This morning I found the long lost Fridge Phonics in my scrapbook bag. No word yet on the triangle cake to Ava's baby tea set. I'm keeping an eye out.

I guess toys will get lost no matter how vigilant I am. That way I can spend less time on the floor looking for toys, and more time actually playing with them.


Alexa Mae said...

When I buy a toy...I expect it to live a mere 2 weeks. (Unless its expensive) And when I find barbie shoes on the floor, i throw them away. They bug. Heaven knows if we were always looking for lost toys there would never be time for anything else.
I just had a revelation. We should just buy them big (bigger than barbie) toys! That way they're easier to pick up and harder to lose. Win, win!

Jennifer said...

Except they don't fit in the toy box, so I trip over them.

Alissa Maynard said...

I too was this way!!! I would have to be the one to open all the packages, just so I would know what went with what. When Valerie got her doll house, I had to put all the rooms together so I knew where all the furniture would go. Then we got our home and they each have there own rooms. There is no way I can keep up with the toys anymore. I remeber searching for princess shoes and I still have a inventory of toys and what there accessories are. The toys will win one day!!!

NikkiDarlin' said...

i know what u mean about the lost toys. skylee leaves her toys everywhere. my husband will get mad when he steps on one and says things like " i thought she was suppost to play in her room" haha i wish. but once a week i do a check under just about everything. and i always have one of those " oh there that is" moments.


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