Sunday, October 31, 2010


We were quite festive this year. Pumpkin carving on Friday night, all done by me. David and Alana cleaned
them out, but I had to do all the grunt work of carving them. My hand still hurts.

Then yesterday the ladies put on their costumes and proceeded to fill some buckets with candy, based on the extreme cuteness of them dressed in their costumes.

Alana was Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story. Not Woody. I repeat NOT Woody. I don't know how many people I heard say Look, its Woody! Woody is a boy, who doesn't have long braided hair. It made me glad I added the long braid to her costume, just to clarify that she is a girl, not Woody.

Ava was a chubby pink butterfly. There was no question as to what she was, the giant shiny wings spoke for themselves. Everyone just pointed at her and marvelled in her cuteness.

They had lots of fun and got lots of candy, even though there weren't that many houses with their lights on when we went trick-or-treating, due to the fact that it wasn't actually Halloween. Wasn't our fault the city decided we should celebrate on Sunday cause heaven forbid anyone celebrate on Sunday. I understand the school having their Trunk-or-Treat on Saturday, but the city of Benson deciding Hey, you know what? Go trick-or-treating on Saturday cause we said so. See how that works out for you. We still got enough candy so I can't complain. I just had to walk further to get from house to house cause only every other house had candy.

My ladies were pretty excited to get into their costumes when it was time to go, and I'm sure the costumes will be making regular appearances in our lives, especially Alana's Jessie braid, which she's wearing right now. And so far today we've already eaten too much candy. That's what makes it a good Halloween.

 Me and the ladies ready to get some candy. Happy Halloween!

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Alexa Mae said...

totally jessie!! i don't know what they're talking about. she looks so cute! and that chubby butterfly? can i have her? adorable!!


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