Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Bad

Algebra and I were on a break. So I decided to see other people. We were on a break.

Chocolate pie and I go way back. We have a sorted history. So when algebra and I weren't speaking, I called up chocolate pie. Or at least the ingredients for pie. Lucky for me I bought some stuff for my Thanksgiving baking already, so I just happen to have stuff on hand.

Everything with me and pie was going great. Pudding was done. Pie crust was ready. Then tragedy struck.

Don't be so quick to judge me. You've bought store bought graham cracker crust before. Don't lie.

There's an explanation for the carnage. I'm not left-handed. And sometimes I'm kinda lazy. I tried to pick the crust up all lazily and the pan bent and the generic cheap graham crackers spilled all over, making a giant mess.

Its a good thing I was planning on making two pies for Thanksgiving, so I had an extra crust. Pie and I will still get to have our rendezvous. Later. With some whipped cream. Otherwise I would've had to crawl back to algebra. And I hate apologies.

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