Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Thoughts on Politics

Disclaimer: I'm a democrat. Almost as liberal as possible. I make no apologies. But if you don't agree, don't read this.

I am so glad that mid-term elections are over. I'm not exactly happy with all the results, but you can't win 'em all. I'm talking about you Jan Brewer.

I was so tired of hearing and seeing negative political commercials. There is so much mud-slinging that by the end of every election just the sight of political signs annoys me. Here's a thought politicians: Instead of focusing on what you consider to be the negative aspects of your opponent, how about you instead focus on you. What are you going to bring to the table? What can you do differently than them?

I hate that everyone is so concerned with their opponent that they don't even bother to tell us how they'll be any different. And I couldn't escape. There were signs all over the place forcing negative comments about the incumbent Congress woman. She forced OBAMA-care on you. She opposes SB-1070. She will eat your children alive. (I made one of those up. Guess which?). First of all, you can't fault someone for voting with their party. She voted the way she promised to vote. Just leave her alone. She won in spite of your mud-slinging.

Arizona was in the news a lot this year for some controversial "anti-immigration" laws. SB-1070. It basically gave cops the right to ask anyone for proof of citizenship, just because. Some parts of it were repealed so it is slightly less controversial. I am opposed to this bill. Are we not all descendants of immigrants? Your grandparents were probably anchor babies. Everyone's ancestors had to come here from another country at some point, so why do people hate immigrants so much? Not everyone who crosses that border is a criminal drug mule looking to break the law. Some people just want a better life, or a job doing something none of us want to do, like migrant farm work.

Our country is always so divided. Everyone is so I'm right and you're wrong and I'm not going to compromise no matter what. People only have their own best interests at heart. People are not willing to take responsibility for their actions, they are only willing to pass the blame onto the next person. The Bush Tax cuts were set to expire in the next president's term. That's how they were designed. But now people want to blame the current administration for raising taxes. You can't be anti-federal defecit and oppose taxing the richest people in the country.

And tea party people. Seriously. You can't be anti-taxes and then hold your rallies in a public park. You can't be anti-taxes and drive on public roads, send your kids to public school, go to the public library. Where do you think the money came from to pay for those things?

Its fine if you dislike the president, I personally don't care much for George Bush. But Obama was elected, he is our president and you should respect that. He inherited this mess. It took several years for our economy to reach the state its in, its gonna take more than 18 months to fix it. He is not a socialist, a muslim or Hitler.

America just needs a little more moderation. Fewer crazy people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty holding up a sign saying Get your government hands off of my Medicare. I've got news for you people. Medicare is a government program. Don't use your Social Security check to pay for anti-government signs. We need fewer crazy people saying they're pro-life and then killing an abortion doctor. Fewer people who flat-out refuse to compromise. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we should all respect that.

Maybe I'm so liberal and tolerant because I grew up in a place that wasn't. I wasn't the same religion as everyone else in my small town, I wasn't any religion at all. I'm not saying I was bullied or anything because of it, but sometimes I just felt different. Sometimes people weren't allowed to hang out with me because their parents thought I'd have lower standards, which was so untrue.

I don't know what my kids will think of politics when they grow up, but Alana knows the president by name and I just hope they learn to respect other people, no matter what their opinions. I'm just hoping for tolerance.


Brian and Janette said...

In all honesty, I disagree and agree with many of your points. But mostly, I think that we live in a country where people only think about themselves and their matter what side of the political aisle they stand on. If we were less concerned about ourselves and more concerned about the greater good, well then...this just might be the place the founding fathers intended it to be. I don't know...sounds familiar...say, like..."Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." And yes...this includes all those who could probably spare some extra money for taxes AND those who refuse to make any effort to help themselves other than holding their hands out for all those tax dollars and the programs they provide. I mean...why couldn't a recipient of Medicare/Medicaid donate 8 hours of community service a long as they are a recipient of help, why couldn't they turn around and give back to the community that is helping them?

Jennifer said...

Janette I know we have way different political views, but the difference with you and I is that we agree to disagree. Neither one of us is so extreme that we can't possibly see the other one's point of view.

I just hate how negative politics are sometimes. They only focus on the other person, not on the positive changes they could make. Politicians refuse to compromise even though it could benefit the country.

My number one problem is that some people who came from nothing have no empathy for people who still have nothing. I can see where people who receive aid could give back some. Not everyone on it could, but some.

I guess its just wishful thinking for me to want people to get along.

Brian and Janette said...

I totally agree with you there. It is way too negative and people are too close-minded to even hear the other side of the argument. I'm sick of people just voting for something because it's how their party is "supposed" to vote--or people who don't do the research and just rely on others to figure it all out instead.

I personally love to hear the other long as it's presented fairly (as you have done so well here). And while I may not agree with everything in the end, at least I can understand where you are coming from and that understanding helps us in finding a solution--instead focusing on common ground, and not on everything that's different.

Maybe I'm an optimist, but I believe that deep down, most people don't want anyone to suffer or be poor...not when we live in the greatest country on earth, anyway. Seems like it should be a lot easier to come to a compromise on these issues than the media and our politicians make it out to be, huh?


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