Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fashion Sense

One of the perks of being a parent is that you're finally in charge. You're the boss. The number one go-to guy. El hefe. The chief. The general. You get the picture.

Once said power is in your hands its up to you what to do with it. You begin your reign as soon as your baby is born, but you lose your power sooner than you'd like to admit. Exercise it while you can, because it will be gone before you know it.

I choose to use my powers for good. The good of fashion. I have two little girls, it would be a crime if I didn't dress them as cute as possible.

But the thing about fashion is its relative. What I consider cute might not be cute to someone else. The clothes they consider cute and fashionable probably won't be appealing to me.

I've always been a little on the preppy side for some people, though I've made a couple detours to the punk way of life. I considered PacSun to be the best store ever back then. Back when I had my eyebrow pierced. I wore shirts that said stuff like Don't Label Me. I had a yellow shirt with a monkey in a yoga pose. My personal favorite was an orange shirt that said Boys Lie. I can't even begin to tell you how many creepy old men commented on that shirt. I was 19 and they had no business looking at my shirt.

I see other people out in public and I sometimes frequently think to myself What were they thinking leaving the house in that? But they probably thought it looked good. Who knows? Maybe muffin tops are in style somewhere that I've never been. They might even be looking back at me and wondering if I thought I looked good when I left the house. Impossible. Maybe.

Everyone has different personal style so who am I to judge what looks good and what doesn't? Seriously though, some things will never look good. Camel toes, muffin tops, toes hanging off the front of your shoes, that gap between articles of clothing where they can't quite seem to cover the middle. But those things are more about how the clothes fit, not what clothes you're wearing.

I'm not a fashion expert, although I've seen plenty of episodes of What Not to Wear. But I'd like to think I dress okay. That's why I like to dress my kids almost like miniature versions of myself. They have little skinny jeans, Ugg boots, ballet flats, leggings, hoodies, cute little shirts. All the necessities. And I have to say they definitely look cuter in it than I do. But they look cuter in everything than I do.

I wouldn't wear everything I dress them in, cause I don't wear pajamas with feet in them, but I like their clothes to reflect my style. At least for now, while I still have control. Till I lose control though, its every woman for themself around here.

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Shelley Ann said...

i bet they are super adorable in anything you put them in!

and i really dont think muffin tops or camel toes will ever be stylish. thats a disturbing thought. haha


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