Friday, September 3, 2010

6 + 4 = Holy Crap Ava has 10 teeth!

That's right. My basic math skills are correct again. Ava has reached double digit teeth. Exciting. I know.

She was a little bit of a groucho-deluxe last week and yesterday I was playing with her and holding her upside down and I got a glimpse of a couple of molars. So I pried her mouth open for closer inspection and guess what? Four more teeth were peeking out of her little gums.

She is the proud new owner of three molars, which will undoubtedly be used to eat jaw-breakers and beef jerky. And her bottom two teeth now have a little tiny companion, which I'm sure will alter the future bite marks on Alana's arms.

I've accepted that she's not a tiny baby anymore, but come on! Does she have to do all her growing up at once? Its a lot for a mommy to handle!


Shelley Ann said...

love the picture! she obviously loves pasta. and thats exciting that she has 10 teeth!

Jess said...

Mine got all of her teeth in about two weeks. She went from no teeth to 12 like -BAM. Freaked me out. LOL

Yay for Ava!

Mary Nevin said...

awww 10 teeth!! she is the cutest!!!


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