Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fashion tips from Alana

After a short hiatus from the fashion world Alana is back and better than ever.

*Four is the perfect amount of hair accessories.
*Personalized Mickey hats are the big thing for Fall 2010.
*Boots look great with pink shorts. They really look great with any shorts if you've got the right legs.
*Pink striped shirts definitely match with pink shorts. In case you were wondering. The rule is: pink matches pink.
*If the front of your shirt is wet with whatever you happen to be drinking, that really completes the outfit.


The Mrs. said...

I just realized, how much she looks like your husband!!!!!!

Duh... pink matches pink and mickey ears are all the rage... ALL YEAR!!!!

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

I need Mickey Ears, stat ;)

JoJo said...

She is such a diva! Love the tips!

Mary Nevin said...

those boots are adorable!!! great fashion tips :)


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