Monday, August 23, 2010

I'll need to see some ID please

Sometimes Alana has her own intrepretation of names. I guess she just says them how them sound to her, and according to three year old logic they make perfect sense. And don't try to correct her, because she lives by an I'm always right and everyone else is always wrong kind of philosophy. She will not believe you, so don't waste your energy.

The other day she brought a stuffed animal into the kitchen and proudly proclaimed it to be her pet tiger Roger. I proclaimed how awesome that was while silently wondering to myself Where the heck did she hear the name Roger? I know no one named Roger. And why is Roger a tiger? This one will go into the Unsolved Mysteries file.

Mystery solved five minutes later. She was watching Aladdin. Princess Jasmine was having a conversation with her pet tiger Rajah. Alana must've thought to herself Roger is a great name for a tiger!

I think I prefer Roger over Rajah. In case you haven't seen Aladdin (what planet are you from?), the tiger's name is pronounced Raw-Jaw.

Yesterday David bought himself a video game that he previously owned a couple of times before. That's a whole other long story of selling then re-buying the exact same game. Its a zombie game. David and Alana share a love of all things zombie that I can't even try to understand, and I don't really want to.

Alana was holding and admiring the game case in the backseat on the way home when she pointed out a female zombie and declared her to be named Donna. First name Donna. Last name The Dead. Donna The Dead.

In the mind of Alana all female zombies are named Donna. Donna The Dead. And if you don't get that joke you should stop reading my blog right now cause you just don't get me.


Alexa Mae said...

she is just too dang funny!!! that girl is so spunky. i love it. how cool that her and her daddy love zombies together!? and if you think about it, aladdin would have been alot better to go along with had they only named the tiger ROGER!

JoJo said...

Hahaha so funny and cute! I always told myself that if I ever got a dog I would either name it Raja from Aladin or Rafiki from the lion king. I'm torn between the two.


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