Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'll have a large glass of Hater-ade

There are some aspects of my personality that steer me towards negativity. I try to corral them as best as I can. I don't want to listen to other people whine and complain about stuff so naturally I assume no one wants to listen to me whine and complain about stuff. Except in extreme cases, someone has to talk about how annoying Dora is.

My best efforts aside, sometimes I find myself complaining about stuff. Or saying I hate stuff. Most of the time when this occurs its in reference to a restaurant that David is suggesting to eat. He only ever picks places that I don't really care for. I swear. So my natural response is to veto it by saying I hate it. I hate Arby's. I hate Eegee's. I really hate Burger King. I hate those places. Yuck. I usually still end up eating there anyway

Even though I didn't mean for it to some of my hating has trickled down to Alana. I don't hate her, but she hates everything she can think of.

It started with her saying it one time, but that was the worst time, cause it was directed at me. She got in trouble and I wasn't even the one who punished her. All I tried to do was wash her hands afterwards. Then she said one of the top five things no parent wants to hear (up there somewhere with I'm pregnant). I hate you. Something inside of me possibly died right then. I couldn't even think of a response. Me, the witty one with a comeback for everything, can't say anything when my child says I hate you.  

She has since revoked her hatred of me, but everything else has been the subject of it at some point. I hate this show. I don't want to go to Tucson, I hate it. I hate pajamas. I hate having my hair brushed. I hate the new clothes you bought me. I hate puppies. Gasp! That last one caught me more off guard than when she said she hated me.

If she doesn't want to go somewhere or do something, she hates it. When she eventually changes her mind she tries to take it back. No Mommy, I don't hate you no more. Well Alana, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but once you say it, you can't take it back. Its out there, and your pajamas (or your mommy) aren't going to forget that easily. I don't think puppies will ever fully recover either. They are scarred for life.


Anonymous said...

I love that she said she hates puppies! I mean, what kid doesn't like puppies? I would have died from laughter!

On a serious not though, I think we overuse the term, and our children are learning to use hatred instead of dislike. How very unfair to future generations, but how do you learn to change your vocabulary so kids don't hear it?

Jess said...

I've always tried really hard to refrain from saying that I HATE things. It's difficult to say away from that word sometimes, though.

I hope I never hear that phrase from my kids. I'm sure I will eventually. I'll probably cry and sink into a depression for a few days when it does happen.

Alexa Mae said...

Oh man! I feel your pain. She didn't mean it, she didn't mean it, she didn't mean it...
And puppies? That is so funny!! What a crack up.


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