Friday, August 27, 2010

Snowed In

Hello blog world, remember me? That girl who used to frequent Blogger so very very much, but now decided she has better things to do.

I still love you blog world, but I think we should see other people. Not forever, just till Christmas. Then we can have a holiday reunion, catch up, maybe I'll send you a Christmas card. I promise to visit you when I finish my one million word psych assignment. Anybody want to write a 600 word response to 10 questions about objective observation and subjective interpretation? No? No takers? Well I just thought I'd give it a try.

When I'm writing on my blog which I like words flow fairly freely from my fingertips. I have no shortage of things to say. But when I'm writing about subjective interpretation which I couldn't care less about the process is a little more painstaking. Words stumble awkwardly from my fingers, only to be deleted seconds later. I need to find my groove. Groove, are you out there? Anybody seen my writing groove? If you see it, tell it to get over to my psych assignment pronto.

Since the semester started two days ago I feel a little bit like the mountain of psych and biology homework I have is slightly taller than my 5'7" self. Like there's been an avalanche of online coursework and biology experiments and I'm trapped somewhere at the bottom, with only one hand sticking out. Someone wanna grab it and pull me out? Or get me some food somehow? I don't have time to eat.

So if anyone's looking for me I'll be trapped somewhere under a massive pile of homework. Hopefully I'll make my way out sometime before Christmas.

***Post edit: I'm not abandoning my blog! I will still post regularly. I still have to document my life and my ladies' lives. I'm just not gonna be on here everyday like I was this summer. But I'll be back.


Kerri said...

Right there with you! Unfortunately, blogging fell way down on my list of priorities as soon as school started this semester. Boo school.

Mary Nevin said...

I'm SO happy to see an entry from you!! The blog world is much brighter with you in it!! Take care of your work, lovely family, and you and I hope to see some of your beautiful words sooner rather than later!! :)

sEy said...

I will definitely miss the post you have for Alana and Ava but good luck and I hope you could go back asap.

Jennifer said...

I'm not going anywhere. I have scheduled posts and plenty of stuff saved in draft. I'm just not gonna be on blogger 24/7. I still have stuff to say though!

Mary Nevin said...

ps: I have an award for you on my blog!! :)

JoJo said...

Good luck girl! I know the feeling. I was just there! You'll get through it! I'll keep on the look out for your groove.
P.S I'm so jealous you're 5'7!

Kathy Kloos said...

Now do you understand why I had so little time this past semester? And now I'm back again to full time school. Good luck

we hate you. love, us said...

good luck with this semester of school!


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