Friday, July 9, 2010

Acquired Tastes

Last week it was my sister's birthday. She's old, but younger than me, so I guess that makes me old. Her requested cake of choice was ice cream cake. So that's what we had.

The ice cream cake I was commishioned to make was mint chocolate chip ice cream (I was told green mint, not white, picky picky), brownie and chocolate cake.

I personally think that mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best kind of ice cream EVER. Its cool, its refreshing, it has chocolate in it and afterwards you feel like you just brushed your teeth.

But some people don't like it. That's why we had two ice cream cakes. One with just chocolate and vanilla, for the lame-o's who don't have the same refined palette as myself. For people who have crappy taste in ice cream, not like me, who has impeccable taste.

There are just some things in life that not everyone appreciates or "likes". Like mint ice cream. Or iced coffee. With some vanilla syrup. Yum. Or cottage cheese mixed with yogurt. Or cream cheese and pickles spread on Ritz crackers.

Although there are plenty of things that lots of people like to eat that I refuse to, because of their disgusting-ness. Like beer, olives, pimientos, capers, menudo, pork rinds. Things of that nature. Because as far as I'm concerned, those things are inedible.


JoJo said...

Mint chocolate chip is my all time favorite flavor! I'm also picky and prefer it to be green :-).

Kat said...

That's one of my fav's too:) We just had one for my bro's b-day... would love to get your recipe!!

The Mrs. said...

mmmm... ice cream sounds soo good right now!!!

I'm coming over!!!


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