Friday, July 9, 2010

Sports Illustrated: Wading Pool Edition

Posted by PicasaI finally brought my camera to the pool to capture our favorite summertime activity (besides napping).
I was hesitant to bring it because I didn't want it to get messed up or stolen, but I took a gamble and brought it anyway (in a Ziploc bag!).

Ava likes the water once she gets used to the temperature. She is hesitant but once she relaxes she just leans back against me and sunbathes.

Alana likes it no matter what. Hot or cold. Sunny or overcast. Even if there are bratty kids splashing us. She loves it.

I prefer to go in the big pool, since the wading pool water is sooo warm. But today we started out in the wading pool and worked our way over to the big pool. Alana even tried out some water wings for the first time. She wasn't exactly a natural at actually swimming, she kept going belly up. I guess she does have some fish-like qualities, too bad they're more like a dead fish.

My kids are able to get tan, even though I clearly am not. Alana has an x-shaped tan line on her back from her bathing suit. When she is naked you can clearly see what parts of her back and sides are covered and which are not. Meanwhile, I'm white all over, even though I spend the same amount of time in the sun.

So here are me and my ladies, in our sexiest swimsuits for the occasion!


sEy said...

you have gorgeous ladies :)congratulations..

JoJo said...

everyone looks great and your rocking the bathing suit!

Mary Nevin said...

adorable pictures!! I love pool days with the little ones!! :)

chocoholic said...

cute pictures!

Jet-Setting Divas said...

Your kids are just too cute! Cute Blog!

Natalie Smith said...

too cute!!!


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