Friday, May 14, 2010

Take one, pass it on

So I won an award. As previously mentioned.

Now I must pass it on to seven people. But I'm unsure who. Hmmm.

The nominees are:

Nicole. Cause she's my sister. And she was my first follower. And she was the one who peer pressured me into starting a blog in the first place.
Michelle at Sweet August. Cause she always leaves me such nice comments. And she has a pretty cute little man.
Tara at That's why her hair is so big. Her blog is hilarious. Love Trainwreck Thursdays.
Heidi - D at It's just me...Heidi-D. The pictures on her blog are amazing and she's not afraid to talk about anything outside of her "comfort zone".
Mariam Monroe at Mariam Monroe - The alter ego emerges. Read about her upcoming wedding and how she's "No betty crocker".
Kerri at Party of Five. Read about her cute little boy Camden and her struggles with infertility. She is documenting the joys and perils of being a first time mom.
Chocoholic at Diary of a Chocoholic. She's a new blogger who is planning a wedding and trying to gain a following. I just won follower of the day on her blog, so that makes her extra awesome. Follow her.
Here's the award (again).

Now for seven things about me.

1. I know the theme song to Wow Wow Wubbzy by heart. He lives in a tree. He likes to play, play, play. He's got a bendy tail and he likes it that way.
2. I hate going swimming on vacation. Once my hair is blow-dryed for the day I'm not getting into any body of water. Even if its the ocean. I don't need sand in my cracks anyway.
3. I can and will eat a whole pan of brownies by myself. I don't have any willpower.
4. I don't chew gum or drink soda. They are both gross.
5. I have a soft spot for obnoxious little boys. Blame my brothers and nephews.
6. When I was pregnant with Ava I had a weird condition that caused me to have low platelets. Because of this my doctor was hesitant to let me have an epidural. I was petrified that I wouldn't be able to have it. Thank goodness I was lucky. Epidurals are awesome.
7. I don't like chick flicks. But I will read a sappy book anytime anyplace. The more I cry, the more I like it. Its sick really.

For more about me, go here.


chocoholic said...

Aww thank you! I don't drink soda either!!!

Heidi - D said...

Congrats on the award, and THANK YOU for passing it along to me!

Tara said...

congrats on your award! and thanks so much for passing it on to me! <3

Island Gal said...


V said...

Aren't awards the greatest! Congrats! Your blog really is beautiful.

MariamMonroe said...

thanks for the award!!

and i hate pop...but on very random occasion, will order a diet coke...

as for gum, im kinda picky with has to be minty or nothing, fruity stuff makes me sick after a while, and i HATEEEEE cinnamon gum!!! but i love cinnamon...i just HATE red cinnamon hearts, big feet red candy things, and the big red gum!!


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