Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summertime blues

I'm one of those people who is never happy with the current season.

It's December and freezing outside? I wish it were June and I could hang up the hoodie and bring out the sandals.

It's July and I'm sweating at 9 am? I long for cool and crisp October, when the weather is so close to perfect it should be illegal to stay indoors all day.

No matter what the temperature outdoors, I usually wish it were different.

I love the freedom that comes with summer. Not just a break from school (that part hasn't mattered to me for a long time), but the freedom to wear whatever you want and not have to worry about being cold. I'm a flip-flops and shorts kind of girl. I literally never wear regular shoes in the summer. My feet need to breathe, and I keep my toenails painted the whole summer.

And I have to mention the freedom to go swimming. As a kid I loved swimming, now Alana loves it. I'm sure Ava will love it too, since she loves the bathtub, and a pool is like a big outdoor bathtub. Last summer when I was pregnant with Ava I went swimming with Alana at least twice a week. It was so nice to get into a big pool of cold water when it was 110 outside.

But I hate the scorching Arizona heat. I already turned my cooler on, and its like 9am. And we only have a swamp cooler where we live, which doesn't really get the job done to my satisfaction in July and August. Know all those people who say "But its a dry heat"? They are wrong. In July and August its humid and sticky. And I'm miserable. I may have lived in Arizona almost my whole life, but I've never developed a tolerance for the heat. It's even worse when I'm pregnant. Last summer I was hot all day every day. And the whole time I was waiting for winter.

Fast forward to December. I can't go to Walmart without putting on "actual" shoes and a sweater. I must bundle up my children and my laundry pile is full of socks. I hate to match socks. Does anybody like it? Its during this time that I wait for warmer weather. Not that its ever that cold here in southern Arizona, but it gets a little chilly. Chilly enough to hate going outside early in the morning. Makes me grateful that I don't have to leave my house every day to go to work. Not at this point in my life anyway.

The only time of year I'm mostly content with the weather is October. October is a great month. Its cool at night, only about 80 during the day, and it doesn't have the incessant wind that April and May have. If only it could be October year round.

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Margaret said...

That's the Southwest for you! There's no such as a happy medium, weather wise. :-(

*dies of heatstroke*


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