Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pop music junkie

Alana is obsessed with listening to music. OBSESSED.

Everyday she asks to listen to my iPod. She gets more use out of it than I do.

If you try to change the station in the car she gets mad. Me was singing dat song. What dat song called? Mommy, what dat song? Who sings dis song? Me yike dis song. Me yike B.O.B. Me yike Bruno Mars. Me yike Lady GaGa.

Occasionally David will change the channel on the TV to MTV Jams, where they just play videos. But if he does that, beware. We can't change the channel because Alana is too busy dancing and singing. I think we let her watch American Idol too much.

Even Ava dances. She's gonna be obsessed too.

But Alana's number one music addiction is our iTunes account. Me want to yisten to music on the 'puter. Me wanna hear dat "Break, break yours heart" song. Me yike dat song. Then me wanna hear Lady GaGa. Me yike Lady GaGa. (Then she says "Romance" all crazy like Lady GaGa). What's dis song? Me yike dis song. Me wanna hear dat "Billonaire" song. Then bay-bay (Nothin' on you by B.O.B.).

She will sit at the 'puter for nearly an hour listening to the same five songs over and over again. She lip-sings the words to all the songs and turns the volume up way too loud when I'm not looking. Then when I walk back into the kitchen she turns it down again real quick. I thought I'd have at least till she was a teenager to argue with her about music volume.


Anonymous said...

I think me and your kids will get along fine because i love all those artist they'd been listening to. Hahaha!

JoJo said...

At least she's sharing her head phones so nicely. Look how cute that is!!

The Mrs. said...

ahhhhh!!!! My daughter shakes her butt like she is going to be on MTV one day!!!! I will have to get this video off my phone and onto her somehow.... Its crazy... She is a good dancer for a little girl, I think!!! But totally like your daughter "I want boom what you say, I want fire, i want oh hot damn" crazy kids!!!

Sass said...

How adorable! I have a nephew that is the exact same way, except he doesn't listen to pop, he'll only listen to cartoon theme songs. So I have all his favorites songs saved on youtube as my homepage, and he learned out to turn on the computer, bring up the internet and play the songs and he's only turning 4 this year. :)


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