Sunday, May 2, 2010

Patience is a virtue

I have always wished I had more patience. Usually right after I threw a phone across the room because someone on the other end made me mad. Don't make me mad. You wouldn't like me when I'm mad.

Then I became a mom. And really wished I had more patience.

I'm okay most of the time. Its not like I'm really like the hulk and lose my temper. I don't. Thankfully I don't turn green either.

But when my three year old slaps me on the butt when I'm cleaning up her mess, I don't really see the humor in it. She thinks its funny. I don't.

Or when she asks me for something about forty times in 30 seconds, without even giving me chance to finish what I'm doing. I sometimes end up replying "YOU ONLY HAVE TO ASK ONE TIME!" Seriously. I will get you Lucky Charms in just a second, just let me get out of the shower first.

I do have more patience as a mom than I did as a boss. When I worked as a manager at Wendy's I was sometimes short on patience. I was burnt out and tired of babysitting teenagers. They are brats. How can you not know how to wash dishes? Idiots. Some of them were okay, but some were total morons.

I can recall sending someone home for being 3 minutes late. Late is late and I warned her. Or dumping the contents of a plastic salt shaker on a stupid pothead kid's shoes. He split it open with a penny and left it on the table. So I told him not to ever come back or I'd call the cops. Then after I quit someone hired him to work there. That's a great idea.

I just have to remind myself to take a breath. Three year olds don't mean to be brats, its just in their nature. And men who yell at the TV don't mean to be so loud. And babies who crawl don't mean to knock over my drink whenever they can get to it. Or do they?

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Dionne said...

Ahhh patience. Something I lack BIG TIME!

Hahaha, and I agree, I don't think babies are plotting against the world to knock over every vase in sight, hahahah.


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