Monday, May 3, 2010

Basic human rights

Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness. Getting to complain about your mother-in-law once in a while.

Its an unspoken rule of marriage. You should know it going in. Sometimes your mother-in-law will annoy you. Especially after you have kids.

She will put lotion with fragrance on your kids. I hate lotion with fragrance. It stinks and gives me a  rash.

She will insist canned soup and jello-water are the cures for every ailment.

She will tell you gossip about people you don't know. Stupid gossip. Like who got a bloody nose and when.

She will cook things you don't want to eat. With olives. Yuck.

But you have to be nice to her. Especially if you love your husband. Even if she annoys your husband.

She will conveniently forget that it annoyed her when her mother-in-law gave her unsolicited advice about raising her kids. Your husband will forget that his mom used to complain about her mother-in-law the same way you want to complain about yours.

Eventually I guess you have to build up a tolerance to her. Especially if you want her to watch your kids once in a while. Even if its to do something necessary, like visit your sick grandma in the hospital. Or get a haircut (yes that's necessary).

So learn to tolerate her. Complain about her less.

But husbands beware. If your wife can't complain about your mom then you can't ever say anything about any of your in-laws. Even if your wife has a stepmom so you kind of have two mothers-in-law. What's fair is fair.



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