Saturday, May 1, 2010

Google me

Admit it. If you have a computer with internet access you have "googled" yourself. If you say that you haven't you are lying to me and yourself.

If you really haven't aren't you kind of curious what you will find? Do you have a secret criminal record or something that you don't know about? A long lost relative of some type?

I googled myself just now. I'm bored and I was curious. My name isn't that common in this area but that doesn't mean its not that common anywhere else. And I'm not talking about my first name. Jennifer was in the top ten most popular girl names of the 80's. I'm talking about my last name.

There were a few links to other random Jennifer's facebook pages, but I don't have a facebook, so I knew none of them were me.

But there were links that actually made sense. I am on the map as far as the internet is concerned.

There were links to my blog, since the feature to find me through google is enable. I expected that. Then there were links to my page on Thats like a site for bloggers to look at other blogs and such. For people in their 20s. Before I know it I will have to change my membership to 30 something bloggers. I'm old.

Then there were things I didn't anticipate. Info about my participation in Race for the Cure in 2008. A really old listing on a dog classified site to get rid of our old dog. I gave her away in 2008 but that's still on there.

There was also a link to a high school sports website where I had posted cheer pics a couple of years ago. They were pics from when I was asst cheer coach and the athletic director told me to post cheer pics I took so there would be a little more diversity. Not just football and volleyball pics for the fall season. Give some credit to the cheerleaders for once.

It was totally random and weird to google myself. Those are the things that anyone could see about me just by entering my name into a search engine. At least there are no naked pics or warrants out for my arrest. That I found.


i'm no miss said...

I was here! I'm awesome :)

You got an awesome blog too! I'm following with the Follow button above.

Btw, you got lovely kids!

Kathy Kloos said...

I googled you long ago...and used you to test out search engines at work. You are definitely findable.


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