Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Double Digits

I recently joined a blogger networking site. Its called 20sb (20 something bloggers).

So far I have gained five followers. Not bad for one week. I'm up to ten. Technically eleven, but one is anonymous so they don't show up in my total anywhere except my dashboard.

Plus two of my followers before were my sister and mom. They have a family obligation to follow me. I would be offended if they didn't.

I don't know why I'm semi-obsessed with gaining more followers.

Maybe I just want to know that someone is reading my rants, even if its someone I don't know.

And I want comments. I love comments. Even if they are from people I don't know.

So follow me. Comment on my blogs. Even if I don't know you. Doesn't matter. You are welcome.


chocoholic said...

I feel the same way! I love to know people are keeping up and that they like or can relate to what they're reading.

Kathy Kloos said...

You have followers who are invisible. I have a link to your blogs on facebook and my friends quite frequenty comment to me about how amusing your blogs are. Aunt Coleen reads then to her coworkers at UMC so there you have followers who don't even have to log on to hear the blogs or see the pretty babies. Create a facebook profile and put the link on there. You will increase your fan base substantially that way. By the way, I've noticed that you use rhetorical devices in your blogs. Since you haven't taken a writing class, this is instinctual which makes you a very talented writer even without training. Take it to the next level and see how much sharper your writing gets.

Tara said...

20sb is a great place to find fellow bloggers! i suggest being active in the forums and groups and dont be afraid to add people as your friend if they have similar interests. check out other people's blogs and let them know you are reading and following them! i had really slow growth on my followers, then i went from 50 to 120 in 1 week!


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