Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today's to-do list

Wash two loads of laundry. Don't fold them or put them away. Check.

Get one kid dressed and leave the other one in pajamas until at least ten am. Check.

Fill up kitchen sink with hot water to wash dishes. Don't wash dishes. Check.

Let oldest child have soda with otherwise healthy breakfast. Check.

Eat mini drumstick ice cream cone before seven am. Check.

Make mental checklist of housework that needs done. Don't rush into doing it. Make up mind about what is most pressing matter. Blog in the meantime. Check.

Have fantasy about throwing TV out window after hearing car commercial with Andy Griffith theme song for the tenth time today. Check.

Mentally replay Andy Griffith theme song all morning. Hum it since I don't know how to whistle. Have Alana ask what song you are singing five times. Check.

Pick up sad looking baby from floor at my feet. Stop blogging for now. Even though Monday is my most inspired blog day of the week. Don't know why. Check.

1 comment:

Tiffanixo said...

Pretty sure most of my "To-Do" lists end up like that. LoL.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the song you have playing

Stopping by from 20sb.

I'm also youre new follower!!


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