Monday, May 3, 2010

Celebrity look-alike Barbie

Alana got this Barbie in her Happy Meal Saturday. I kept thinking she looked vaguely familiar. Something about her was just so....mannish. Then it hit me. This is Wynonna Judd Barbie. She has a square jaw and thick neck and she's just so....mannish. And her eyebrows. The eyebrows are freakishly similar. I wonder if Mermaid Barbie is also in a singing group with her mom. Does she even know who her mom is? And has she had struggles with her weight too? Barbies have an image of being really thin and that's a lot of pressure for a Happy Meal toy. It could lead to an eating disorder. I did notice there weren't as many fries in there as there should've been. If you don't agree its cause the picture really doesn't do it justice. In person she is the spitting image of Wynonna. David doesn't agree. I'm really more of a late 80's country music expert than him anyway.

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