Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alana is...

Capable of seeing in xray 3D. Even without the glasses.

A trendsetter.
What? You didn't get the memo that one clip-on earring is cool?

An expert color-er. She likes to think outside the box. Who says Tinkerbell's face can't be purple?

She is also an expert on coloring herself.

Last but not least, she's a zombie attack survivor. To the naked eye this just looks like she wrote on herself with marker. But upon closer inspection its a wound inflicted by a zombie. And she didn't even cry.


MariamMonroe said...

omg they are so adorable!!!

Beth and Marley said...

Kids have the BEST imaginations! So cute!

hermione329 said...

So precious! This is fallingfromprams

Jen said...

What a doll!! Her earrings and marker marks all over her legs... Awwwwwww!

Meg said...

lovely pictures. she is looking so cute coloring


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