Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maternity test results

My children look like I stole them.

I am pale and blond. They are half mexican ladies with dark hair.

But there are moments when I know they are mine. They act just like me. Especially Alana.

Exhibit A.

David asked Alana to get him the remote (or something of that nature).

She asked him if his legs were broken.

Almost my proudest moment as a parent.

Exhibit B.

David said something to Alana that she did not find favorable.

She called him a jackass under her breath.

That's not exactly my proudest moment. But it is proof she's mine.


Kathy Kloos said...

lmao! I almost fell out of my bed when I read this! She's also her grandmothers granddaughter! Exactly what I would have said

Sweet August said...

That's great!!! Haha... gotta love kids. :)

Laury Ann said...

Hahahaa...OMG that's TOO funny!

chocoholic said...

Such a cute story! PS: Where do you get your blog layout from?

Jennifer said...

Re chocoholic: I had to choose between having a cute blog layout and having x-large pictures. I choose the pics. And I changed my template to minima stretch. That way my margins are wider and my pics aren't cut off, and the text is stretched further to the left. I know there are some backgrounds you can use with this template. They are at And all my buttons and my pink scalloped border are from shabby blogs.

hermione329 said...

That is the most awesome story!


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